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“A skilled engineer, great knowledge of equipment/stage setup/design etc. A good delegator, very professional in all situations and has great attention to detail.”

PAUL BACKMAN - Full-Time Musician/Tutor


With over 20 years of experience working in the music industry, Crafty is able to draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience. He has the ability to take any live production to the next level. Crafty has been involved in a number of live shows all over Australia.

Crafty has experience in the following categories:

  • Sound Engineer

  • Lighting Engineer

Crafty also offers a service where you can hire PA and / or lighting equipment. Click on the following link for more info:


“Crafty’s breadth of experience as a multi-instrumentalist, seasoned live performer and knowledgeable producer, combined with quality up-to-date equipment from FOH to backline and everything in between, ensures your production will not only sound the best it can, but your engineer knows just what you’re dealing with up on-stage.”


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