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“Crafty is super fun to share a band stand with, and always smells nice!”

THEO PANAGARIS – Performer/Music Retail/Repairs


Crafty Solo
Singing + performing with an acoustic guitar/stomp box and loop pedal.  Playing all sorts of music styles and eras to suit an occasion as small/quiet vibe in the background up to as big/loud as on a stage for a big party etc.


Acoustic Amigos

Crafty accompanying the smooth lush vocals of Mikala Wood.  Regularly performing at restaurants/functions with a huge song selection of acoustic versions of classic songs and cool alternative tunes - perfect for a Sunday Sesh.

2 Man Band
The name says it all. Crafty + a fellow musician on an acoustic guitar/loop pedal/trumpet/percussion/drums/vocals.  Playing all sorts of music styles and eras to suit an occasion as small/quiet vibe in the background up to as big/loud as on a stage for a big party etc.

Human Jukebox
3 piece band comprised of guitar/bass/drums and vocals.  The name is suited to the fact that there is lots of songs on offer, and they are crazy enough to try any song requested, especially if they've never played it before!

Swap Team

Comprised of several Multi-Instrumentalist performers around SA, this collective band performs with whoever is available and is one of the most fun and challenging bands Crafty have ever played with.  One song on drums, then the next on guitar... these guys swap around from song to song - sometimes during!


Ex-'Gate Crashers' band with a hot new female vocalist!  A fun high energy Corporate Covers Party Band that performs regularly everywhere in SA!


Do you ever wish your Sing Star or Karaoke Bar experiences could be with a live band? Introducing YOUsing: live band karaoke at your service! Here's how it works… the YOUsing band plays the hits and YOU (the audience) sing along with us… Bad with your lyrics? don’t fret, the words up up on the screen!!

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​ORIGINAL ACTS (1998-2017)

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